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A Note From a Regular Fair Goer...
Nov 28, 2014

Hi Jan ~
I see at the website that you are the Fair Coordinator for the KPFA Crafts Fair. All the best of luck to you and all the participants in the cool new location!
Next year, please do consider having it a bit earlier. Having it so close to the Christmas Holiday itself has made it impossible for me to do any shopping for gifts that need to me mailed away and have them arrive and "under the tree" in time for the 25th. Thank you, and again, all the best for a successful event!
Joe Paulino
Winner - Zone Music Reporter Best New Artist - 2012
"Perfect for yoga, healing, meditation and just the joy of being."
- Light of Consciousness Magazine


Hi Joe, Thanks for the email and for your very considerate tone.
The only weekend we could get in to The Craneway was the third weekend In December. So, here we are, remorseful that shoppers like you cannot get their shopping done and mailed to their destinations in time, hoping that we catch the other shoppers who wait till Christmas week to shop. If there's a chance of moving it to the earlier weekend next year, we will. However, I already know the cost increase would be substantial and therefore probably prevent us from shifting to the earlier weekend. I'm thinking I should add something to the website describing what I've written here as there are likely many more people with the same time limitation that you have. Thanks for inspiring that idea! I'll check out Inhale Slowly. As a yoga practitioner and meditator, I may be very happy with what I discover there.
Best regards, Jan

Jan Etre
KPFA Crafts Fair Coordinator
1929 MLK Jr Way, Berkeley CA 94704
510.848.6767 x 243


Hi Jan, I really appreciate your response. Hey you know, that fair is very special to me. I've always had a super time. Met some great people and had some good conversations. I got a wooden bowl there that I use almost every day. I've also gotten everything from BBQ sauce to a designer knife to anarchist books to earrings.I want it to succeed and I understand that this transition may be difficult. So I wasn't going to but I will come and spend some money. Explaining the situation on the website could go a long way to encourage continued support of the event even on those less than optimal dates. All good wishes.

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