The KPFA Crafts Fair features live music both days in the Mezzanine Food Court from noon until 5pm.
There will be plenty of room there to sit, relax, and enjoy the music.

Saturday, December 14th
 11:00AM: Ragtime Skedaddlers
Featuring Dennis Pash on banjo-mandolin, Nick Robinson on mandolin, and Dave Krinkel on guitar, the Ragtime Skedaddlers play rags, cakewalks, marches, waltzes, and Latin-tinged pieces from vintage mandolin and guitar sheet music arrangements. America’s original popular music, ragtime is known for its beguiling syncopated rhythms and was all the rage from the late 1890s up to World War I. The Skedaddlers’ new CD, Mandolins at the Cake Walk, features the first modern recordings of many early ragtime arrangements.
 1:00PM: Occidental
Occidental is comprised of guitarist Henry Moser, bass player Tommy O’Mahoney, saxophonist Chris Sullivan, and drummer Nick De Ryss. Together, they improvise in the groove, combining elements of jazz, soul and folk in a set of eclectic originals penned by Moser and an array of tasty covers. All four musicians are recent graduates of the accredited Jazzschool Institute, and have just released their self-titled EP recorded at Berkeley’s Fantasy Studios.
 2:30PM: Lee Dynes Trio
Berklee College of Music graduate, award winning guitarist & composer, Lee Dynes is joined by Nick de Ryss on drums and Tommy O'Mahoney on bass. Playing mostly Dynes’ original compositions, as well as arrangements of pop and jazz standards, the music is steeped in the heritage of jazz improvisation. With musical influences ranging from rock to classical and pop, the trio strives for a tight-knit, cohesive sound that is an extension of the jazz tradition rather than a confirmation of it. The convergence of the three unique personalities fosters performance that is a conversational interplay that is both thoughtful and energetic.
 4:00PM: Amanda Addleman & Lee Dynes
Bay Area educator & vocalist/pianist, Amanda Addleman, believes in preserving the aesthetic of the jazz tradition by not only presenting a collection of freshly-interpreted classics but also by bringing today's popular music into a more acoustic, improvisational, jazz-hued setting. She & guitarist Lee Dynes are both traditionalists and modern music lovers at heart. Their interpretations allow the music that's often perceived as outdated and irrelevant to breathe and evolve into a more modern, accessible sound.
Sunday, December 15th
 11:00AM: Terrence Brewer
East Bay jazz guitarist, composer and arranger, Terrence Brewer has been described by writer Andy Gilbert as, “an accomplished improviser with an exquisite tone… His sound is marked by a balance and maturity more often found in much older players. His graceful, well-constructed solos flow thematically out of his compositions, rather than turning his tunes into mere launching pads for displays of technique.” Brewer has led his own instrumental and vocal groups, and has performed with legendary artists such as Pete Escovedo, Herb Gibson, Kim Nalley (production of “Lady Day in Love” by Courtney Brown), Duwaan Muhammad, Calvin Keyes, Bruce Forman, Scott Amendola, Khalil Shaheed, Ed Kelly, Michael Zilber, Tuck and Patti, Chuck Bennet, and many others. We happily welcome him back to the KPFA Crafts Fair!
 1:00PM: Arjun Verma & Nilan Chaudhuri
Sitarist Arjun Verma was trained by the legendary Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, and immersed in the tradition of North Indian Classical music. The son of internationally known sitarist, Roop Verma, a disciple of Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar, Arjun began learning sitar from his father at age five. In 2007, Arjun was awarded a Shenson Fellowship by the San Francisco Foundation to support his continued study at the Ali Akbar College of Music, and since the Maestro’s passing in 2009, Arjun has continued his training under Khansahib’s son, Alam Khan.
Tabla player, Nilan Chaudhuri, is the son of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. He studies at the Ali Akbar School of Music, performs often in the North Indian Classical tradition, as well as the broader World music tradition that combines elements of jazz, hip-hop & fusion.
 3:00PM: Teja Gerken
German born Teja Gerken became a serious student of the instrument after his family moved to California in the mid '80s.  Playing contemporary steel-string finger style, Teja’s weaves together influences of folk, jazz, classical, and world music into a unique blend that reflects his diverse musical interests.  Teja employs alternate tunings, two-handed tapping, percussive effects, and other extended guitar techniques, as well as a keen sense of melody and movement.  He is equally comfortable playing Irish traditionals, the occasional jazz standard, or improvising on themes by classical composers, and is an increasingly luminous participant in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area acoustic music.
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