2009 KPFA Crafts & Music Entertainment Schedule
Saturday Schedule, December 12th
9:00AM -11:00AM:
HOST CAROLINE CASEY (Visionary Activist)
NOON - 2:00PM:
2:00PM - 4:00PM:
HOSTS ART SATO (In Your Ear) & HORACE MANSFIELD (Forms & Feelings)
Henry Moser Quartet from the Berkeley Jazzschool Institute
Performing Saturday at 11:00 AM
Henry Moser Quartet: This Berkeley Jazzschool-based ensemble is led by guitarist and composer Henry Moser and features a tenor saxophonist, conga player, & electric bass player.  The combo, comprised of students enrolled in the Jazzschool Institute’s  inaugural degree program, will play original compositions by Henry Moser.  This 19 year old has led the Marin County progressive rock band, Id, and jazz combo, Corduroy, and has collaborated with rapper Mantis One in the group Jazz Troncher.

About the Berkeley Jazzschool Institute
The Jazzschool offers instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages and levels a broad spectrum of performance and lecture classes and short-term workshops.

California Honey Drops
Performing Saturday at 12:00 PM
Digging deep into the roots of American music, The California Honeydrops embrace the traditions of Blues, Gospel, Second Line New Orleans Jazz, and early R&B. With stellar performances of traditional material as well as their own innovative music, The California Honeydrops get people out of their seats and onto the floor, dancing and singing along. Formed in November 2007, The California Honeydrops first performed on the streets and in the subways stations in Oakland, California. Playfully crossing genres from Roots and Blues to R&B and soul, The California Honeydrops’ sound is tied together by soulful vocal harmonies, colorful shouts from brass and horns, and a funky, good-times New Orleans rhythm section. They quickly gained a reputation as the best party in the Bay Area.
Ken Berman Trio
Performing Saturday at 1:00 PM  
Pianist and composer Ken Berman has performed and recorded with Bob Moses, Yoron Israel, Kai Eckhardt, Akira Tana, John Lockwood, Bob Gullotti, Remi Vignolo, Jaleel Shaw, Sarah Manning, Take Toriyama and others: he has appeared on the famed stages of Carnegie Hall in New York, Yoshi's in San Francisco, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Detroit's Fox Theater, and The Sunside in Paris. Ken has been the recipient of several artist grants and awards for his ongoing work in jazz education. His music was the subject of recent programs on KCSM in San Francisco and on KZSU at Stanford University, where his playing drew comparisons with Bill Evans, Ramsey Lewis and Keith Jarrett. His latest compositions have been featured on jazz radio stations KCSM in San Francisco, WGBH in Boston, WFMT in Chicago, and WEMU in Michigan, as well as on college radio nationwide.
Jaz Sawyer 3rio
Performing Saturday at 2:00 PM
In the Fall of 2000 by way of NYC, 3RIO was formed by Jaz Sawyer and pianist Nick Rolfe, (Sting, Kenny Garrett) premiering with veteran bassist Reggie Workman (Art Blakey, John Coltrane).  Mr. Sawyer has had performing experience in the trio format with such artists as Randy Weston, Eric Reed, Cyrus Chessnut & Jacky Terrasson. Inspired by the great classic trios such as Amad Jamal, Oscar Peterson and others, 3RIO's concept was a collaboration of peers not limited to the standard piano/bass/drums instrumentation. 3RIO takes a different direction for this performance with a stellar Bay Area lineup including Jaz Sawyer-Drums, Danya Stevens-Tenor Sax and Lukas Vesley-Bass.


Hot Club of San Francisco
Performing Saturday at 3:00 PM
The Hot Club of San Francisco is an ensemble of accomplished and versatile musicians celebrating the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli’s pioneering Hot Club de France. The ensemble borrows the all-string instrumentation of violin, bass and guitars from the original Hot Club, but breathes new life into the music with innovative arrangements of classic tunes and original compositions from the group's superb lead guitarist Paul Mehling. Their music carries the listener back to the 1930's and to the small, smoky jazz clubs of Paris or the refined lounges of the famous Hotel Ritz. Enjoy "le jazz hot" at the KPFA Crafts & Music Fair, with the Hot Club of San Francisco!
Valerie Troutt
Performing Saturday at 4:00 PM
Earning her BFA in Jazz studies at the New School University in New York, this Oakland, California girl has established herself as a consummate composer with soul tinged songs that are dynamic and noteworthy. Valerie's songs are energetic yet heartfelt offering a taste of expression and freedom crossing many musical genres, and her ability to create an astonishing repertoire of diverse songs will make her one of the important singer-songwriters of the 21st century. Valerie Troutt is one of few young modern singers creating stylistic change in the Vocal Jazz Tradition. Dianne Reeves comments on her first musical encounter of Valerie stating, "Valerie is energetic, spontaneous and ready." Valerie Troutt is certainly a fearless force to watch for in the years to come.
Codany Holiday
Performing Saturday at 5:00 PM
Born in musically diverse San Francisco, Codany Holiday was destined to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. At the young age of 4, he watched unknowingly musical greatness unfold before his impressionable eyes. His lineage, composed of percussionists, vocalists, funk, and Latin sound performers that demonstrated the possibilities of captivating the live audience. So the stage has never been a foreign place for Codany. He has continued to find ways to display his budding talents.

Early in his career, Codany Holiday had the great opportunity to work on the musical, "Wake up and smell the coffee" with Lenny Williams, which challenged his endurance, and love for connecting with the audience. From there, Codany Holiday developed into a professional stage performer that brought him into a productive live music career.

Sunday Schedule, December 13th
9:00AM -11:00AM:
11:00AM - 1:00PM:
1:00PM - 4:00PM:
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Arjun Verma: Ali Akbar Khan Tribute
Performing Sunday at 11:00 AM
Arjun has been studying and playing Classical Indian Music on the sitar for 19 years. Training first under his father, sitarist Roop Verma, Arjun learned for 8 years with the world-renowned maestro, Ali Akbar Khan. In addition to assistant teaching at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, Arjun has performed across the United States and also in Geneva, Switzerland and Prague, Czech Republic. In 2007, Arjun was awarded a Shenson Fellowship by the San Francisco Foundation to support his continued training at the Ali Akbar College.
Nilan Chaudhuri: Ali Akbar Khan Tribute
Performing Sunday at 11:00 AM & 12:00 PM
Nilan Chaudhuri is the twenty year old son of tabla maestro Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. He received his first tabla lesson from his father, at the age of five. When he was eleven, he performed his first tabla solo at the Ali Akbar College of Music, in San Rafael, California -receiving blessings from Ustad Ali Akbar Khansahib- and that same year was privileged to become Khansahib’s ganda bandhan disciple. Since 2005, Nilan has accompanied his father in concert both in the United States, and in India, for such prestigious organizations as Basant Bahar, the Music Circle, and Sabrang Music. Currently, Nilan resides in the Bay Area and is a student at San Francisco State University, as well as the Ali Akbar College of Music, where he continues to study rigorously with his father, in the Lucknow Gharana style of tabla playing.
The Knuckle Knockers
Performing Sunday at 1:00 PM  
They are:  Karen Celia Heil: fiddle, guitar, vocals. Martha Hawthorne: guitar, banjo, vocals. Bill Foss: mandolin, fiddle, banjo, vocals. 

Homey hayseeds hailing from the Heights of Bernal, the Knuckle Knockers stoke the raging fires of the vintage American music tradition. Blazing fiddles, mandolin, guitar, and 5 string banjo set the bookstore in front porch toe tappin mode. The Knuckle Knockers pipe in on all the favorite themes that fill any narrative need: love & death, fire & brimstone.

The Blushin' Roulettes
Performing Sunday at 2:00 PM
The Blushin' Roulettes hail from Mendocino County, California. This folksy twang gang delivers old-time tunes with a modern twist deeply rooted in feminine perspective. The span and scope of the Roulettes' performances range from intimate, sometimes featuring 2-3 members, to raucously outrageous full-band shows. Songwriter/guitarist Angela Rose belts her sweet and sultry tunes of damsels in their bliss and distress in a warbling vibrato often compared to Iris Dement and Dolly Parton. The often quirky, funny stage presence and earnestly loving interplay among band members reflects the small-town closeness of the kindred rotating cast of characters, which includes Kate Stone on vocal harmonies and plucked and bowed cello, Cas Sochacki on dobro and sassy baritone duets with Rose, Buddy Stubbs on soulfully gritty lead guitar, not-so-little drummer boy Jubal Stedman, ivory-tickler Luke Stone, and electric bassman Mike Luparello.
Loretta Lynch
Performing Sunday at 3:00 PM
This Americana and country folk band from Oakland formed in 2002 when singer Val Esway decided she wanted to do something different from her loud Ramona the Pest rock band. At first, different may have meant quieter. "Fueled by irreverence, a love for gourmet food and copious quantities of beer and hard cider, we kept peppering our softer songs with rowdier tunes," says Heather Davison, who joined Esway's three-part living-room harmony. As the songs grew stronger, and the noise level grew louder, Loretta Lynch graduated to bigger gigs - including stadium-size shows at England's 2003 Glastonbury Music Festival and opening for country superstar Alabama at the Shoreline Amphitheatre and Sleeptrain Pavilion in Concord. Off the corporate circuit and back to their intimate living-room-like venue roots, the ladies (and gentlemen, too) of Loretta Lynch are focused on writing songs that explore alternative and semi-fictitious story lines. "It's not easy to follow the open road these days with the lives we've built around us," says Davison, who describes the Loretta Lynch story and sound as "a little tear in your beer, knife in the back, a little tongue in cheek, saucy ... and sublime."
Carne Cruda
Performing Sunday at 4:00 PM
At the forefront of the exciting Post-Latin music scene, this fresh, raw band challenges all traditionalists.  Exploring the intersection of Surf and Latin music, Carne Cruda isn’t afraid to mash The Ventures against the Buena Vista Social Club and see what comes out. As reverb springs from the twangy guitar latin-funk horns blare against the rocking rhythm section causing dancefloors to explode from Oakland to Poland, from Cali, Colombia to California. The tongue-in-cheek humor of Carne Cruda’s lyrics and the good old-fashioned sense of fun that exudes from the stage has propelled Carne Cruda on four European tours and beyond, and the tight musicianship mixed with a playful attitude and rocking musical numbers has opened the doors to countless listeners around the world. Produced by four-time Grammy®-nominated producer Greg Landau, Carne Cruda is raw and rocking and coming your way.
DJ Santero
Performing Sunday at 5:00 PM
Santero comes from a long family tradition of Latin musicians and Sonidero sound system deejays. Raised in the mountains, jungles and Atlantic coasts of Central America, he travelled extensively from Guatemala to Panama performing with his father’s Salsa & Cumbia bands. He came to the United States at a young age as a refugee escaping the political upheaval in Central America in the late 70’s and 80’s. Once in the US, Santero began the musical street hustle that would ultimately define his style and sound. From the ghettos of New York and New Orleans to the barrios of San Francisco and Los Angeles, Santero refined his sonic palette and delivery by performing relentlessly in nightclubs, warehouses and on street corners.  Influenced by Reggae, Jazz, Punk, Funk and Hip-Hop, and incorporating his traditional Latin upbringing with these western music styles, Santero developed his own brand of international fusion beats.  Santero now resides in Oakland, CA where he hosts a hugely successful weekly Latin music showcase called VOODOO. He splits his time working as a recording artist, producer, deejay and radio host.

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